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DM Ecoline Monoblock 9kW / 12kW

Efficient heating & cooling



efficiency ETAs 35
energy efficiency class

DM Ecoline Monoblock 9kW

Short Facts

The heat pump is the safest most comfortable and efficient way, renewable electricity in building heat or cold to convert.

Easy installation
There is only a water and electricity connection necessary for use.

Stylish design
The clear and timeless design of the Outdoor unit blends in perfectly into any environment and saves through the small size also a lot of space.

Durable and consistent
Thanks to the stable, powder-coated Housing and the weather-resistant components is the DM Ecoline Monoblock 9kW / 12kW on one durable and reliable operation designed.

Amazingly quiet
Our monobloc devices work a lot quiet and are barely audible during operation.

4.2kW / 11.6kW
heat output
8.6kW / 11.2kW
cooling capacity
environmentally friendly refrigerant

DM Ecoline Monoblock 9kW / 12kW

Maximum living comfort

Reliable, compact and environmentally friendly – with innovative heat pump technology from Dream Maker, the ambient heat can be used for efficient heating and cooling. The high heating and cooling capacity promises you consistently comfortable and pleasant indoor climate in all weather conditions. The refrigerant R32 has the best performance in both cooling and heating mode – this makes this refrigerant currently without alternative. In addition, devices that are operated with R32 require less electricity and up to 25% less capacity with the same power output.

The strenght is to be found in serenity

Advanced Silent Design

The strenght is to be found in serenity Advanced Silent Design Like almost every technical device, a heat pump is not without it noise development. But how quiet are heat pumps really? After all, you don’t want to upset the neighboring neighbors, nor jeopardize your own sleep. Due to our Advanced Silent Design, our Monobloc devices barely audible when in operation.

Normal conversation

50 dB(A)

Light rain

40 dB(A)

Less traffic

30 dB(A)


20 dB(A)

DM Ecoline Monoblock 9kW / 12kW

Rustling leaves

10 dB(A)

Falling Feather

0 dB(A)

Think about tomorrow today!

Become independent now

With a heat pump, you often make yourself independent of importing fossil raw materials unsafe countries or even crisis areas. Instead of supply-dependent natural gas or heating oil use with the heat pump an energy source on your own property, namely the free environment.

In order to achieve the climate goals they have set themselves, politicians are constantly tightening the energy ones Requirements for new and old buildings with the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). With a modern heat pump from Dream Maker you are already well ahead of today’s regulations and well prepared for the future.

Sustainable heating solutions

Warmth from nature

Since heat pumps do not consume any fuel, they also do not cause any CO2 emissions on site and thus make a contribution to global environmental protection. Due to their high efficiency, heat pumps save considerable amounts of greenhouse gases. Since they are without combustion processes. If they work, they do not produce any gases or soot particles that are harmful to the climate and help to conserve limited resources.
The heat pump is the only heating system that can also be used as a result of the energy transition in the electricity sector becoming more and more ecological.

We would also be happy to advise you on all-in-one solutions with which you can run your household almost independently.

Hot water throughout the house
Fact is: Generating hot water with old central heating systems requires a lot of energy and is therefore very expensive. The DM heat pumps prepare hot service water in a particularly energy-saving, cost-effective and climate-friendly manner - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The e-charging station
No more refueling, no more stress and no more frightening glances at the petrol price display at petrol stations. With a charging station, you can charge your electric car conveniently and cheaply at home. The charging station is powered by the power storage unit, which also makes the generated PV power available for use at night.

The energy storage system
The Dream Maker energy storage system ensures efficient conversion, accumulation and distribution of electrical energy generated by the PV system. The battery management system continuously monitors and optimizes performance data.

The underfloor heating
The combination of heat pump and underfloor heating is very popular - but why is that? Underfloor heating is very economical to operate and still ensures a high level of thermal comfort. Due to the large area distribution, the combination of underfloor heating and heat pump enables very low flow temperatures, which increase the efficiency of the heat pumps and reduce heating costs.

The photovoltaic system
Photovoltaic systems are the core of a decentralized and independent energy supply. PV systems are climate-friendly and are therefore one of the most important technologies for a climate-neutral future. It supplies your entire household with green electricity.

Our heat pumps are BAFA listed and therefore eligible for subsidies.
Write to us and we will get back to you within 2 working days.

Become an installation team

Are you a competent specialist company for heating, plumbing, air conditioning and electronics and would like to support us with the installation of our products nationwide? Then we look forward to your inquiry.

Your team from Dream Maker Technologie GmbH

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